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This book will bring you closer to your mate, it builds confidence in your speech toward the opposite sex. It informs you to be in touch with your emotions, setting you free to say what you truly feel for some one. No more inhibitions, your life will instantly become consummate with the knowledge I provide. Romance will be much more enjoyable when you know what to say to your mate. It will empower you, giving you the courage to talk to the opposite sex with out any difficulty. Your smooth refined conversation will definitely attract some one, to be able to communicate, and articulate, is the most significant thing on earth.To  be charming, affable, and amiable, is something all people gravitate to, its a distinguished trait, that puts a smile on peoples face, it informs them that you have a quality that is unique, your self esteem will begin to grow, and blossom, when you compliment people on how well they look, its endearing, showing them you care,benevolence is profound,good news travels fast, when you have a heart of gold. People begin to realize you have a soul, person to person it will be told, it wont be hard to get a date, your admiring personality will be legend, you will be first on the party list when you master the art of conversation, people take notice. Your valued worth goes up, the opposite sex is drawn to you, every one wants to be your friend, women and men, knowledge is important, it opens doors that were once closed. When you say charming things to people it allows them to trust you, when people respect you, dating becomes natural.When two hearts intertwine as one, loyalty will bond your relationship together like cement. When you have a mate that loves you, your never tired, you jump out of bed anticipating a hug and a kiss. Point and you shall have, ill surround you with the world, so that everywhere you look it will be yours, The feeling I have for you is the equivalent of a thousand hurricanes, and deep within this storm, lies a love, that cannot be tamed, nor can it be extinguished, it can only grow, each and every day, for that day is distinguished.