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Players Sweet Words of Romance.
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Hello my friends, how are you, I hope your feeling fine, health is everything, eat your vegetables every so often,take a laxative, you must clean out from all those preservatives in our food. Once they build up in your body it can be toxic, upsetting your nervous system, that is my opinion. I have worked hard all my life at various jobs raising three beautiful adoring children. In my early years of development I played basketball baseball and volleyball, as usual handball,I also tried my hand at running track, that did not last long when I noticed runners going past me. My most exuberant pursuit was night clubs, that is where the ladies are. I honed my intellect talking to them, figuring out what a lady likes to hear. When I got that down to perfection I could not take that charming smile off my face. I thought now this is what I was born to do, rapping to my hearts content. Then one night I said to my self , this delicious game I am running down sounds good,I should put it on paper so that is what I did. I put what was on my mind in book form, just may be people will benefit from what I have to say. My motto is, ladies learn what your man should say to you, men learn what you should say to your lady. With this emergence of knowledge for one another, comes harmony compatibility respect and love. All aspects of a happy romance, something we all desperately need in our life, with all the turmoil in the world, togetherness is a must. Human beings can appreciate an understanding relationship, based on morals and ethics, fundamental principles clean at heart and spirit. The corner stone to survival, this formula will guide us in the right direction, keeping you strong and fit for the long haul. These traits are medical manifest destiny, mentally physically and socially. Culture is priceless, it defines who you are, to be courteous compassionate and gracious, is worthy of high regard.
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