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​From Players Sweet Words of Romance
I will snatch the sun out of the sky and have it bow before your feet I will take the moon out of the sky and have you ride on it like a magic carpet I say these things for you are a precious jewel of a woman a lady all women wish they can be Your a queen of queens a lady supreme your always in my endearing dream I would love to have you on my elite team every time I think of you my whole body fills up with burning hot steam I can feel every beat of your heart strait through to my spleen your the baddest lady I have ever seen your the quint essential crème de la crème of  the most passionate sexiest adorable cream Point and you shall have I will surround you with the world so that everywhere you look it will be yours the feeling I have for you is the equivalent of a thousand hurricanes and deep within this storm lies a love that cannot be tamed nor can it be extinguished it can only grow each and every day for that day is distinguished Your the sunshine in the morning the moon at night the star that sparkles to my delight the air I breathe to keep me at ease all that I mention is prescribed for your my captivating prescription Sweet lady I would pay you to be your slave for its your love I crave when I see you I don't know how to behave you have my heart and mind in a trance like daze your the exquisite stunning erotic craze that makes my soul passionately rave precious lady among the stars is where you bathe the moon is your pleasure palace my heart is there to caress you within my soul is where you belong when your in my arms I can never go wrong your tender love feels like a magnificent storm your sensuous lips are more fiery than the sun only for you I was born Darling your so delicious you have me smacking my lips your so sweet I can taste you your so fine I will stop drinking my sweet wine your an angel from heaven so divine please help me complete your puzzle to make you all mine harmony and compatibility we will have in time communication and comprehension we will define sharing knowledge is prime your the epitome of womanhood fascinating my mind
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